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Could it be quickening?

16 Jun

I *think* I might be starting to feel movements from Smudge. It doesn’t happen much but in the last few days there have been a few times where I’ve had a funny, fluttery, bubbly feeling in my tummy about 3 fingers above my pubic bone.

Now I know that’s where Smudge is because I can feel my uterus there.

I completely accept that it could just be wind or something, but it’s funny, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before and makes me feel a little bit queasy.

It seems only time will tell whether it’s my bubba or just me hehe!


Lifting In Pregnancy – How Much Is Too Much

15 Jun

I’m one of the lucky few who are heading to Glastonbury festival next week, and I’m completely ready for a very different experience to the usual. However, how much lifting should I be doing? I would usually carry a 50 litre rucksack onto the site before unpacking, now I know this year I won’t be able to carry as much as that, but would I be able to take the rucksack half full if DH lifts it for me while I put it on?


As far as he’s concerned I’m allowed to push the sack trolley and carry loo roll and that’s it.  So to all you experts out there what can I safely lift? I’m relatively well built and used to the Glasto trekand have had no problems at all with my pregnancy (touch wood). I’ll be 14 weeks gone and have a little bump now.

My current provisions for a healthy Glasto for me and the bub are:

  • Take apples and dried fruit
  • Cereal bars
  • Lots of water
  • Airbed
  • Be prepared to take it easy
  • Stay away from busy areas
  • Eat veggie to minimise risk of being ill
Is there anything else you would suggest other than obvious things to make the festival easier e.g. waterproofs etc and the obvious preggo rules.

Morning Sickness Pt 2

14 Jun

Well from weeks 4 – 7 I had awful nausea and felt sick constantly. Then weeks 7 – 9 I would retch a lot, often finding myself dashing to the loo to be sick and then dry retching.  You can imagine (or well understand) the relief I felt at 9 weeks when it stopped! Hoorah it’s gone.

Or not….

The past couple of weeks I’ve been having random spells of a 5 -10 minute period of nausea followed by full on *I’ve been drinking all day* type vomiting. Come on Smudge, give Mummy a break here!

So at 12 weeks and 5 days I am still suffering with morning sickness (also know as all day, whenever the baby feels like sickness). Though I’ve discovered Del Monte orange juice ice lollies (1 of your 5 a day ahem) which seem to help.

Jennie x

12 Weeks plus, my scan, and bump pics

12 Jun

I had my scan last Wednesday and I have to say it was amazing! I loved seeing our little Smudge moving around and looking like a proper baby!  Here’s our lovely scan picture;

The ultrasound tech was so so heavy-handed. Mostly because she had to move baby around. Lay on it’s side isn’t the best way to get the NT measurement. The measurement was 1.4mm in the end which is fine, as is my age. I’ve yet to hear anything back from my blood test so I’m presuming we’re ok! It was great seeing the baby move at the scan. Every time she prodded my stomach with the ultrasound wand the baby squirmed and moved it’s arms and legs. It was brilliant!

Our date has been confirmed so baby is due on the 22nd December. We’ve been sorting out our Christmas plans with DH’s family which are of course, subject to change!

My bump 

My bump has now started to arrive I think. Here’s a comparison from week 5 bloat and week 12 belly!

I’m so looking forward to my next appointment (circa 7th July) and my next scan (4th August). I’m glad to say my morning sickness is now mostly gone, apart from the odd vomiting episode. I’m still super picky with food and find I need a bit more sleep than usual. I cannot wait until I start second trimester!

Speak soon,

Jennie xxx