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19 Weeks – My Bump and Feeling Heartbeat

28 Jul

Here is my 19 week bump with baby Alice

Getting big now!

Last night I could swear I could feel her heartbeat on my belly, I checked my pulse at the same time and it wasn’t me! Far too fast!

Anyone else felt the same?



19 Weeks Pregnant- It’s Nearly Scan Time

27 Jul

We’ve now started getting excited about next week’s scan. I’ll be 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and our anomaly scan is on the 4th of August. We cannot wait to see our girly again, and just hope everything is looking good.

Recently Alice (baby) has begun pressing down on my bladder/ pelvic floor which is seriously uncomfortable. It quite literally feels like she’s trying to escape. What’s more I can feel her really low down when I touch my abdomen (no mean feat to stick out considering I’ma slightly plus sized preggie).

I asked the doc/ midwife about it and they said it’s fine. It’s just where she’s sat – I look forward to it getting more uncomfortable as she gets bigger! LOL!

I think it could be because I only really feel her movement when she is low down, I have an upper anterior placenta – right at the top and to the front, so any kicks that are higher up I don’t feel. Maybe that makes the lower down movements seem stronger?

Does anyone else feel anything similar?

I’ll be doing some baby product reviews in the coming weeks whilst making a decision about what to buy for my little one. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good high chair?

Jennie x

Week 17 – Our Baby Girl

17 Jul

I would like to introduce you to our beautiful baby girl –

We had a private gender scan with reassur3d for £50 and our little Alice was being awkward. In fact it took 40 minutes to get a good luck at her girly bits.

Now that we know we’ve a girly on board  we are starting to think about how to do the nursery etc.  We don’t want anything too pink, but it doesn’t have to be avoided completely…. hmmm