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Our girlie’s room!

29 Aug

Shopping for the nursery is now complete, and the decorating will begin in a week or so… our purchases so far;



Silver Cross porterhouse cotbed
toadstool rug

Along with a lime green wall and some pink letters with her name…..


23 Weeks, bump pic and SPD/ PGP

28 Aug

I’m now 23 weeks gone and the bump is coming along quite nicely. Hubby still can’t feel her kicking very well but she never stops!
23 week bump

After a busy weekend last week I started getting a lot of pain in my hips/ groin as well as clicking and popping noises. I get very very stiff and struggle to sleep. I phoned the midwife who has now referred me to phsyio, as has my work but went to the doctor’s in the meantime.

The doc diagnosed it as SPD (aka PGP or pelvic girdle pain), it’s where your ligaments in your pelvis loosen too much and become unstable – thus the pain.

I’ve been given codydramol tablets 10/500 mg though I will only take one per day as I don’t know how they’ll affect the bump. The doc says they’re fine but only to take them as and when required. I’ve just been using them to get to sleep.

The most helpful thing I discovered was as a result of a forum I frequent called baby and bump! I’ve started lying on the sofa and sleeping in bed on top of a doubled up spare duvet! This seems so much gentler on my joints and has helped me to spend more time with hubby/ not holed up in bed! Whoop!

I’ve also been making sure to keep my knees together as much as possible and to sleep with a pillow between them. Doc says I mostly need to rest until I start physio and if I’m not seeing improvements next week to take some time off then go in to see him and he’ll sign me off for a few days.

Hopefully the rest will do the trick because my boss isn’t in on Tuesday and I’m out of the office all day Wednesday at an important meeting so I’ll need to grin and bear it for those two days at least!

Gah, anyone else suffer from SPD/ PGP and have any tricks up their sleeves?

Jen xxx

What are you doing in there?!

13 Aug

My girly is giving me some real trouble today. Either she’s doing her best to push her way out through my tummy or I’m experiencing braxton hicks. I think it’s a recipe for a lazy day! There’s no pattern and they don’t hurt, just feel uncomfortable … No specific plans till this evening so may well chill out for the day.

21 Weeks, freebies and shopping!

11 Aug

We’ve finally starting buying some of the big things for our little girlie. I think hitting the half way point got some alarm bells ringing for both me and the hubby!
We are now the proud owners of…..

This cot –

The Silver Cross Porterhouse cotbed. We bought it from Winstanley’s pramworld along with our mattress, and our pram/ carseat package.  We got 10% off both the cotbed and the mattress bringing it in at £440. I’ll be doing an in depth review when the cot arrives, but as it’s out of stock until November it’s going to be a little while yet!

We also went for this pram;

We were thinking of buying the Uppababy but as this was on special offer for £500 we just couldn’t justify the extra spend. We got the cabriofix in steel grey. In depth reviews coming up soon!

What prams and cots have you chosen? It’s such a minefield!

We’ve also been sent a few little freebies in the post, including baby food (for a guest post by my friend Hannah and her lovely 6 month old girl Lily) and a free Avent bottle – so sweet!

Jennie x




Our 20 Week Scan!

4 Aug

Our 20 week scan today was amazing! She was so good and we got all the measurements easily. The sonographer also confirmed that she’s a girl! Sooo pleased!
Here she is sucking her thumb;

Hubby got to feel her move!

1 Aug

We had a really exciting evening last night. My husband got feel our baby girl kick for the first time. I don’t think it was quite as dramatic as he had hoped – she’s only tiny yet, but he felt it.

When did you start being able to feel the baby from the outside?

This week we are just counting down the days till our scan on Thursday! So excited!

Jen xx