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I’m officially serving the eviction notice

28 Nov

Since I’m now only 3 days off full term, and due to start being induced in a little over a week I’m going to do my best to a) get baby engaged and b) get her out by ourselves. I’m not a fan of the whole induction/ c-section idea so if she could make an appearance beforehand I would be over the moon!

Things I’m trying 

  • 2 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day
  • EPO inserted nightly
  • Lots of time bouncing on my ball
  • Hot baths
  • As much time as possible stood up/ walking(difficult with SPD/ on crutches)
  • Sitting on a chair backwards and leaning far forward in my chair

Things I’ve yet to try

  • Sex
  • Clary Sage
  • Curry
  • Pineapple (difficult – GD)
  • Chocolate milkshake (difficult – GD)

So far I’m definitely getting more braxton hicks and general pain, and my SPD is getting much worse so I really hope that means she’s engaging. If she doesn’t engage then we have a problem.

What worked for you, what didn’t, what are you trying to move labour along?

Wish me luck – I’d love it if I could bring my munchkin into the world without needing all the extra help and monitoring.

J x


Baby’s hospital bag

26 Nov

I’ve already rambled about my bag for the hospital but thought I should really post something about what I have packed for my little munchkin when she arrives!

For at the hospital

  • 4 vests/ bodysuits
  • 3 newborn sleepsuits
  • 3 0 – 3 months sleepsuits
  • 3 cotton hats
  • 6 pairs mittens
  • 1 thicker hat
  • 20 nappies
  • cotton wool pads
  • sudocrem
  • a little elephant teddy
  • nappy bags
  • muslins/ burp cloths
  • my gorgeous blanket from Mama’s and Papa’s

Going home bag

  • 2 bodysuits
  • 2 sleepsuits (one newborn one 0-3)
  • one thicker velour sleepsuit
  • muslins
  • wooly hat
  • nappies
  • car seat etc. etc.

Everything is gettting so close now! Is there anything else you would recommend I take for baby?

J x

Sleeping Arrangements…….

25 Nov

Until a week ago I was under the impression that baby would be sleeping in a hand me down crib from my sister. Unfortunately once the crib got to us and we attempted to sand it down and paint it, it was clear it wouldn’t come up as nicely as we had hoped. We decided to buy a new crib and get rid of the older one.


After much deliberation and research (into which one we could pick up the same day as we’re impatient) we decided to go for the deluxe gliding crib from Mothercare. It has a really nice colour to it (Birch I think), feels sturdy and rocks really smoothly. We got it for £120 and took it home the same day. Hubby was able to put it up by himself in about half an hour with no major stresses – I’ll let you know baby’s verdict in a few weeks….


However, once the crib was up (and sheets/ blankets in it etc) hubby got a phone call from his brother who has a 7 week old baby girl. They’ve been using a Miyo hammock for her and she’s sleeping really well already. He very generously offered to buy us a hammock for our baby gift – lovely idea and it’ll take up less room in our bedroom – the crib is kind of big.

So now me and DH have switched sides of the bed in anticipation of the hammock arriving. My father in law will come and help him put it up once it gets here (which should be today). IF you haven’t see the hammocks then I’ll have a post about them coming up in the very near future – to be more specific –  once I have one.

The crib is now looking very swish in our front room 🙂

Has anyone used a hammock before? What does/ will your little one be sleeping in?

J xx

Packing your hospital bag

23 Nov

Now that my little one’s arrival is fairly imminent I thought it was about time I got on with packing my hospital bags. I say bags because I have three. One for me, one for baby and a going home bag for baby that can stay in the car. I’m going to split my hospital bags’ contents into three post as I’m taking quite a lot.

My Bag

When I got to thinking about it I realised that my bag needs to contain everything I need to be comfortable whilst staying in hospital, plus a few bits to protect my modesty and keep me entertained. Bear in mind that a few things you would usually pack in will be in your handbag which will be coming with you regardless. In my bag I have:

  • Two pairs dark pyjama bottoms
  • One nightie with buttons to the front (knee length) – for labour
  • One vest top suitable for nursing
  • One button up long sleeve top for nursing
  • Two packs of five knickers to be thrown away afterwards (apparently a better idea than disposables)
  • Twenty maternity pads (more at home if needs be)
  • Twenty disposable breast pads (as above)
  • Lilypadz
  • Five pairs of socks
  • One pair slipper socks
  • One pair of slippers
  • Comfortable yoga pants for going home in
  • Nursing top for going home in
  • Lansinoh nipple cream
  • Three nursing bras
  • Shower gel, shampoo, face wash, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser and deodorant – to make me feel human.
  • Concealer, foundation, blusher, mascara and eyeliner – to make me look human
  • Breast feeding scarf (Mama Scarf)
  • Pack of cards
  • Kindle with two unread books
  • Phone, charger and headphones for music
  • Tens machine
  • Hypnobirthing CD
  • Small towel
  • Lightweight dressing gown

I’ve managed to fit it all into a carry on suitcase, I think it should be plenty to keep me comfortable and entertained. There are a few bits I still need to get for my bag, namely:

  • Can of spray water
  • GD friendly snacks for labour
  • non GD friendly snacks for me and hubby once baby has made an appearance


What did you take in your hospital bag? Is there anything I’ve missed?

J xx

A ‘mare of a week but feeling good today… I love Twitter!

18 Nov

Well it’s been a massively hectic week, and I’ve been in and out of hospital appointments but at least we are getting somewhere.

On Saturday I ended up in the maternity day unit due to reduced movement, so I was strapped to a monitor for an hour and half (she started wriggling so no worries – just in a squished position with her feet in my ribs to the side). However, the midwife ended up asking if I was ok, turns out I had been having regular contractions all the time I was being monitored, I could feel them but hadn’t thought anything of it as I have them a lot.

I was told to keep an eye on them, and Sunday night they were worse (sore and every 7 minutes for 50 seconds ish) so I rang L and D. After a nice bath, some paracetamol and watching crappy TV in bed for a few hours they tailed off. I’ve to call back if they start up again.

Now, as a result of the busy weekend I decided to keep my midwife appointment on Monday and find out exactly what is ok in terms of braxton hicks, as I don’t really want a home birth hehe! She said as baby hadn’t arrived on Sunday I probably just have an irritable uterus as a result of bubba’s size.

She checked my urine as usual and there was quite a bit of sugar in it, so I was booked in for a second glucose tolerance test.

I had the test on Tuesday and had a call Tuesday afternoon from the bigger hospital in Preston, the test had come back positive so all my care would be transferred over from Chorley and I would need an appointment the following morning to see the diabetes midwife.

She went through the basics of what I should be eating, what it means for baby and for me, and what might happen in terms of delivery. If baby stops growing so quickly I will be allowed to go to 41 weeks, but no further. As it is, even if she grows at normal rate she appears to be too big so the odds are I will either be induced or have a c-section at week 38. I’ve been panicking about both, but this morning turned to Twitter to ask the lovely ladies on there to tell me about their positive inductions, there were so many lovely replies and I’m now feeling much better – so thanks to all those who messaged, you’ve made me fee better about letting go of my ideal birth.

I’ll know more on Tuesday when I see the midwife, obstetrician and dietician. So far my levels have all been fine, but I’ve steered clear of sugary foods and added lots of veggies and protein to my diet in place of carbs. Fingers crossed it seems to be working.


She’s a big ‘un at 34 weeks

11 Nov

I’ve not been around for a while as I’ve been busying myself with bits and bobs getting ready for bubba, but now I’m back with another issue to add to the pile haha!

I mentioned on Twitter that around a week ago I felt like I had a big growth spurt. I booked in with the midwife to get measured and my bump was measuring around 3 weeks ahead. This is a picture of my bump at 33 weeks and 4 days.

So I was booked in for a liquor volume and growth scan….. and the answer is I just have a big baby in there. She really didn’t look happy about being scanned and her face was pushed right up against the wall of my womb so she looked a bit like she had her face against a window – not a happy bubba. Hopefully she’s just had a spurt and will settle down a little more now!

Unfortunately there was protein AND glucose in my urine so they think I might be starting with a UTI but they will let me know and give me antibiotics if so.

I had to talk to my consultant about the possibility of shoulder dystocia, and the fact that as this is my first bubba I don’t have a “proven pelvis” but they also said that growth scans can be out 10% either way. They estimated LO to be around 2.9kg now (6lb 4oz) which means she’s likely to be around 9 -10 lbs when she arrives.

I have another scan in 2 weeks to check that her graph doesn’t continue to steepen as she’s been measuring around 60th centile until this point. Now she’s above the 90th – eep.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and am hopeful that my birth won’t need to change too much, though my consultant has said I shouldn’t have a physiological third stage as I’m likely to bleed quite a bit with a bigger baby and we need my uterus to shrink back down.

I’ve had lots of support on Twitter, what was your experience of a bigger baby pregnancy and/ or birth. Were your growth scans accurate?


The problem with pretty things

1 Nov

is that sometimes they’re not very well made.


I saw this rug on the Vertbaudet website early in my pregnancy and I fell in love… only one problem – it was out of stock. So off I went scouring the web for something similar when I discovered my original rug, brand new on Ebay! I paid the same amount as it cost in the catalogue (around £60) because I just loved it.

It’s now been in my nursery for around 3 months, bear in mind this is a nursery that is not yet in proper use as baby is still very much cooking. The bleeding toadstools keep coming off. Step on one and it’ll come off, accidentally kick one as you walk on the rug, it will come off.


Seriously, as pretty as this rug looks I wouldn’t buy it again. I’ve now had to restitch every single toadstool on it to try and make it a bit sturdier for when there’s a boisterous baby grabbing them!

It’s a shame as although the furniture etc that we’ve bought from Vertbaudet is undoubtedly lovely and has made her room look so special, it’s just not great quality unfortunately. My over-zealous husband also managed to put a whole in the flat pack furniture when screwing it together, thankfully we’ve managed to hide it!

So there we go Vertbaudet – sort it out! I know I didn;t buy the rug from you directly but it is manufactured by you and was bought brand new. The toadstools should be better attached!

I would love to see a blog post in the near furniture saying quality has improved because the decor bits and bobs are just lovely.