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I’m back, yet again lol! 16 weeks and the joys of relux

31 Mar

Well for the last few weeks I’ve been laptop-less and as good as my phone and tablet are, neither are good for speed blogging with a 4 month old clinging to you!

We’re now really getting to work on both her feeds and her meds for relflux. It seems a fine line between not enough medication, and too much. She’s on domperidone, ranitidine, gaviscon and comfort milk at the minute. They upped her D. and R. top 1ml and 0.6ml respectively but she seemed to have tummy ache and was resisting her feeds so I’ve dropped it back down to see how we go.

I’ll soon be starting a new blog which will concentrate on her reflux, I will post a link as soon as it’s up and running.

She’s now taking about 32oz a day which seems to keep her on the 9th percentile line. I intend to start weaning her properly when she hits 17 weeks next Sunday (she’s had a spoon of baby rice on when she won’t take her bottle for the last 3/4 days. Generally after one spoon she’ll then take it fine).

I read up on it and many babies are weaned earlier due to reflux,and our paediatrician said it should improve once we start weaning. Here’s hoping eh?! On the plus side she’s loved the couple of tiny bits she’s had (1 spoon at a time of 1tsp baby rice mixed with an oz of milk lol!) and it has helped me get her milk down her.

In other news – she’s gorgeous and a joy to be around (when it’snot 2am hehe)