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Sleeping Arrangements…….

25 Nov

Until a week ago I was under the impression that baby would be sleeping in a hand me down crib from my sister. Unfortunately once the crib got to us and we attempted to sand it down and paint it, it was clear it wouldn’t come up as nicely as we had hoped. We decided to buy a new crib and get rid of the older one.


After much deliberation and research (into which one we could pick up the same day as we’re impatient) we decided to go for the deluxe gliding crib from Mothercare. It has a really nice colour to it (Birch I think), feels sturdy and rocks really smoothly. We got it for £120 and took it home the same day. Hubby was able to put it up by himself in about half an hour with no major stresses – I’ll let you know baby’s verdict in a few weeks….


However, once the crib was up (and sheets/ blankets in it etc) hubby got a phone call from his brother who has a 7 week old baby girl. They’ve been using a Miyo hammock for her and she’s sleeping really well already. He very generously offered to buy us a hammock for our baby gift – lovely idea and it’ll take up less room in our bedroom – the crib is kind of big.

So now me and DH have switched sides of the bed in anticipation of the hammock arriving. My father in law will come and help him put it up once it gets here (which should be today). IF you haven’t see the hammocks then I’ll have a post about them coming up in the very near future – to be more specific –  once I have one.

The crib is now looking very swish in our front room 🙂

Has anyone used a hammock before? What does/ will your little one be sleeping in?

J xx


The problem with pretty things

1 Nov

is that sometimes they’re not very well made.


I saw this rug on the Vertbaudet website early in my pregnancy and I fell in love… only one problem – it was out of stock. So off I went scouring the web for something similar when I discovered my original rug, brand new on Ebay! I paid the same amount as it cost in the catalogue (around £60) because I just loved it.

It’s now been in my nursery for around 3 months, bear in mind this is a nursery that is not yet in proper use as baby is still very much cooking. The bleeding toadstools keep coming off. Step on one and it’ll come off, accidentally kick one as you walk on the rug, it will come off.


Seriously, as pretty as this rug looks I wouldn’t buy it again. I’ve now had to restitch every single toadstool on it to try and make it a bit sturdier for when there’s a boisterous baby grabbing them!

It’s a shame as although the furniture etc that we’ve bought from Vertbaudet is undoubtedly lovely and has made her room look so special, it’s just not great quality unfortunately. My over-zealous husband also managed to put a whole in the flat pack furniture when screwing it together, thankfully we’ve managed to hide it!

So there we go Vertbaudet – sort it out! I know I didn;t buy the rug from you directly but it is manufactured by you and was bought brand new. The toadstools should be better attached!

I would love to see a blog post in the near furniture saying quality has improved because the decor bits and bobs are just lovely.

Decorating our nursery – the wonders of Frog Tape

22 Oct

Now I have to say, My husband “S” did a fantastic job of decorating our baby girl’s nursery and it’s now looking fabulous for when she arrives.



There is one product that we really couldn’t have done without for this project –  Frog Tape


Frog Tape is absolutely wonderful if you’re fussy like me and want an intricate pattern with very specific colours. In fact we used the Dulux mixing range to get the perfect shade to coordinate with our Vetbaudet tree sticker (sad I know!).

Now Frogtape has a funny gel in it – a bit like silica gel that solidifies when it comes into contact with water, or paint. Of course the amount in the tape is miniscule (after all it just looks like green masking tape) but it performs a very important function. It stops the bloody awful bleeding through that you get with ordinary tape, and it’s easier to get off too – partially because it’s easy to spot with it being pea green!

It’s about £7 a roll but one roll was enough for us to do a whole wall… I think we bought ours from B and Q.

However, we should have known not to let the paint dry for a few days and then do a second coat with the tape still on – there was some slight bleeding at the edges as the gel had obviously already been activated with the first coat. Next time we will have to remember to paint it on as thickly as possible and to be impatient. The we can always touch it up later, instead of sending the hubby round with an eyeshadow brush with white paint on it!

Jennie x