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My breastfeeding journey – 5 weeks in

14 Jan

I can’t say breastfeeding my little pudding has been easy – in fact it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I think we’ve finally cracked it. When she was born she was whisked off my chest to be checked over as though she was crying she was totally floppy – I’m guessing from exhaustion/ epidural.

When we did try and latch her afterwards she wasn’t interested, she was just exhausted from birth. I managed to hand express a few mls of colostrum and we gave it to her by syringe. Her blood sugars were low and colostrum alone wasn’t managing to get them up so the midwives gave her formula and she ended up in the NICU for a few hours.

By the time she was back with me her latch was poor and she was a little jaundice. I tried to get her back on the boob but at 3 days PP she had lost 8oz. I started exclusively expressing for her to make sure she was gettng enough to eat. It worked.. a week later she was 17oz up and the jaundice was well and truly gone.

Another week later and her latch begin to improve. I’ve had a few really rough days dealing with reflux, trapped wind, oversupply and fore/ hind milk imbalance (all inter-related imbalance caused wind, gave her infacol which caused reflux).

She’s now happily a booby monster and exclusively breastfed, I can no longer express a full feed for her which is a shame but I’m sure I’ll get back my pumping prowess šŸ™‚


3 Weeks PP – Back to blogging! My Birth Story…

4 Jan

With a small person around the place I just haven’t had a chance to post my birth story as yet, though I know some of you read my updates on Twitter before I went up to be induced.

I was brought in for induction on Thursday, 1cm dilated, uneffaced. I was given the propess pessary and left for 24 hours.
The following day (3pm) I was told by the registrar (lets call him registrar A) I would have my waters broken and be put on syntocinon as things had started to thin out.

It was 2am before I was taken to the delivery suite. Only to be told the registrar (registrar B) now on duty wouldn’t be able to break my waters. I was then given prostin gel and taken back down to the ward.

Again it was delayed and I wasn’t taken back to the delivery suite until registrar A had returned at around 11am, very angry about the fact I still hadn’t been helped along successfully. Ā It took him around 10 minutes to rupture my waters (the prostin did nothing) and get me set up on Synto.

3 hours later I was in active labour with very strong contractions every 2 minutes for a minute. It became clear that baby was OP as I was feeling the contractions in my spine (oooouch). I was surprised at just how much water there is!

I started on G+A pretty quickly as the pains were strong from the start at first this allowed me to laugh through them, though I had to have the radio off as the G+A made it sound weird. Ā I was also given pethidine but all it did was make me feel tired.

I asked for an epidural 3 hours in but wasn’t able to get one until 4 hours later. I have to say the anaesthetist was my new best friend. The epidural made it so I couldn’t feel the pain. Ā After the epidural I managed to get a few hours sleep while we waited for me to dilate and baby to descend.

It took hours and hours for me to get dilated, Alice refused to turn right way around and the Registrar (reg B of course by this time) kept threatening me with ventuouse/ c-section as I was exhausted. Once I got to 10cms I was told to wait another hour or two for her to come lower of her own accord. The trouble isĀ I started to feel like I had to push. The midwife was no longer in the room and I was lay on my side. By this time the epidural had worn off.

Hubby managed to find the midwife who then checked and said LO was still by my spine but I could try bearing down whilst on my side if I was finding it too hard not to.About 30 minutes later they let me have a go at pushing, and the midwife was happy that I would be able to do it (unlike reg but we managed to talk her around).

By this time I was surviving on lucozade/ water as I wasn’t allowed to eat after epidural. The midwife brought me someĀ orangeĀ juice to try and up my blood sugars (which had been hypo for days) I promptly threw it back up.

At this point hubby went down the business end. I didn’t want him to hold my hand etc, I felt ridiculously hot and kept thinking I had gone to the loo… I hadn’t apparently.

When she started crowning the MW asked if I wanted to feel her head – my answer “NO” . DH stayed at the bottom end until he saw I was about to tear. I accepted the episiotomy quite happily!

Once she made the cut it all happened very quickly and my gorgeous daughter was born. 6:11 am on the 11/12/2011. She was 7lb6 and 54 cms long. She had to be checked over straight after delivery as she was crying but v floppy! I had to have 6 stitches and there were also a couple of grazes.